Schools in Indonesia were required to close temporarily in March 2020 to safeguard the health and safety of our students and staff against the COVID-19 pandemic. With that, Kinderland preschoolers took a leap into home-based learning.

Online conferencing platforms were used for children from Playgroup to Kindergarten 2. Children attended the live e-classes from home. Learning materials were sent in advance to the parents to help prepare their children for the lessons, including follow-up activity worksheets.

Zoom and Skype sessions were used for the home-based learning with parent’s participation

Parents were invited to join their children, and they have been supportive in guiding their young learners. Despite having some challenge to get parents and children to be accustomed to the online learning, and with occasional technical disruption, this did not dampen the children’s zest for learning.

Our Kinderland children continues to learn from home

The children look forward to the lessons every day as it is often the highlight of their daily stay home routine. It has been thrilling to be able to meet and interact instantaneously online with their friends and teachers.

The home-based learning has kept the children’s spirit up and ensure they continue to learn with minimal disruption to the lesson plan. It has been testified with the high participation rate daily.

Our children were eager to learn and often does so independently

Despite the constraints faced during this situation, the academic team at Kinderland has put in tremendous effort in providing a conducive e-learning to keeping the learning process going for Kinderland children throughout Indonesia. We thank our parents for their support and engagement in the e-learning programme and it has been rewarding to see smiles from the faces of our children.

E-learning cannot replace physical classroom lessons for our young children. We hope that the pandemic will come to an end soon as we are eagerly await to welcome our children back to preschool – to enjoy the lessons and activities with their friends.