Kinderland Kuningan held their very first Annual Concert on 18th May 2019! Children proudly presented musical excerpts adapted from the Disney movie “Frozen”.

The Annual Concert allowed children to showcase invaluable qualities acquired throughout the school term. Teamwork, creativity, discipline, confidence and focus are some of these qualities shown. Children will grow from strength to strength and be equipped with the necessary skills to succeed in school, in society, and in life.

Children were all decked in beautiful costumes. They performed on specially decorated stage with lightings. They performed several scenes from the movie with beautiful dance and movement. With confidence, every child stood on stage and presented their best moves.

The performance was the fruit of hard work and perseverance. Parents were proud to see their children move to the beats and rhythm of the music as they performed on stage. They were excited to see their children’s expressions and posture when portraying different characters in the story.

Our children had fun as well. Besides practicing together to put up the show, they were also involved in the preparation of the props used. Teamwork, bonding and friendship were developed during the past months. It was definitely a memorable and great experience for everyone involved.

Kinderland @ Kuningan – Preserving Wonderful Memories through Group Photo with Parents

Kinderland @ Kuningan – Children Acting Out Characters in the Story

Kinderland @ Kuningan – Children Celebrating their Success for the Concert