Exterior view of the newly renovated building with a spacious outdoor area.

In keeping with the increasing expectations from quality preschool education, Kinderland has not only continued to refresh its unique curriculum and pedagogies but further improved its facilities as well.  Since 16 October 2018, the Kinderland centre at Pulo Mas has been operating from a new location at No. 15A Jalan Raya Putih in East Jakarta. The new centre has a total of 780 sqm with eight big classes which can house 220 children. This is another milestone for Kinderland Indonesia as it celebrates its ability to grow and better provide for the needs of  its children, teachers and staff.

The outdoor spice garden is managed by children; this helps to cultivate the value of responsibility towards the environment from a young age.

The centre has incorporated more play and learn facilities, including an outdoor playground, and a Kids’ farm that allows the children learn more about plants with the use of technology.

Spacious assembly area is located at the central part of the ground floor

The indoor area is spacious and bright with good natural lighting, providing comfortable space for the children’s assembly and various gross motor movement activities. This is also a place for children to perform their “show and tell” in a large group.

A typical spacious classroom with the right child size furniture.

Classroom furniture is specially designed for the safety and comfort of the children. The learning corners in every class are well-equipped with materials to compliment Kinderland’s proven integrated curriculum.

Comfortable parents waiting lounge near the reception.

Another unique feature of the centre is the welcoming corner for parents to relax and have a cup of coffee, while waiting for their children.

We believe that the new environment, with the well-furnished facilities and resources, will benefit parents and children alike, and make learning more fun for the children while our educators nurture them effectively for formal education.