Kinderland recognises the importance of music in the development of language literacy through music, contributing to children’s wholesome development. The Kinderland’s Children Music Programme (CMP) is a programme specially designed to introduce the fundamentals of music to K1 and K2 children through rhythm and harmony training as well as keyboard and percussion playing. To showcase what the children had learned in the CMP sessions, a CMP concert in the centre is held every year.

As in previous years, our three Jakarta Kinderland centres held their own CMP concert – Kinderland Sunrise Garden on March 8, Kinderland Pulomas on March 14, and Kinderland Bonavista on March 16.

Revolving around the theme “All Things Bright and Beautiful”, the K1 and K2 children from Kinderland Sunrise Garden mesmerised their audience with solfege singing, keyboard/percussion playing, and rhythmic/popular dance movements. To add to the joy and fun, a few brave parents also took to the stage, dazzling the audience with their beautiful couple-dance performed to the familiar tune of “Bicycle Built for 2”.

Kinderland Pulomas brought the audience down memory lane with their “Rock and Roll in Memory” themed concert where the children played the keyboard, danced and sang rock songs from the 1950s to the 1970s. The K2 children’s grand ensemble performance on “We Will Rock You”, one of the greatest hits by the iconic British rock group, Queen, enraptured the audience. So too was the grand finale performance on another Queen’s great hit, “We are the Champion”, sung by the K1 and K2 children.

The theme for Kinderland Bonavista’s concert was “Musical Creatures Great and Small”. Dressed in various animal costumes, the K1 and K2 children took their audience on an unforgettable journey into the wonderful world of animals. Along the way, the children danced and played well-loved children’s songs like “Buzz Buzz”, “Hummingbird’s Wedding” and “The Turtle” on keyboard. They also introduced special Indonesian percussions like “pluit pluit”, “tek tek” and the angklung, which they played for the finale. During the concert, the audience were also treated to a wonderful father-and-son duet keyboard rendition of ‘Incy Wincy Spider’ and a thrilling, well-coordinated father-and-daughter drum performance.

While this year’s CMP concerts had ended, the wonderful memories will surely stay with the children and their audience for a long time. In addition, the invaluable lessons such as teamwork, creativity, discipline, confidence and focus, learned by the children in their CMP sessions and concert, will no doubt grow from strength to strength, equipping them with the necessary skills to succeed in school, in society, and in life.

Kinderland @ Bona Vista – Musical Creatures Big and Small

Kindeland @ Pulo Mas – Rock & Roll in Memory

Kinderland @ Sunrise Garden – Parent’s Surprise Performance

Kinderland @ Sunrise Garden – Our Confident Children Emcees