Ms Tanny Chen’s affiliation with Kinderland believes a strong preschool foundation is key in unlocking children’s potential.

Kinderland Preschool Surabaya began operations in February 2011. Since then, the bungalow-converted preschool with its large enclosed outdoor area has provided a safe-haven for children to learn and play.

Ms Tanny Chen Ying, Director of the preschool, remembers how the idea of starting Kinderland’s first preschool in Surabaya came about: A doctor (who prefers to stay out of the limelight) had taken up the Kinderland preschool franchise so that children from his hometown can benefit from the quality preschool education which Kinderland is renowned for. He generously provided his beautiful bungalow which has a large enclosed outdoor area to house the preschool.

Tanny recalls how she got involved: The good doctor needed someone to help him set up and start the preschool. So, he sought her help. “It boils down to my credentials and long affiliation with Kinderland,” Tanny said.

Tanny’s affiliation with Kinderland began in 1996 when the brand started its first centre in Suzhou, China.

“I remember my Suzhou days,” said Tanny. “How I helped set up Kinderland’s first preschool in Suzhou. How, for 4 years after that, I juggled between being the centre’s head teacher and managing its day-to-day operations.”

While she had her hands full then, the experience gained from her work in Suzhou Kinderland was worth it. The experience enabled her to move on to work in Kinderland affiliated centres in Shanghai and Jakarta. Of course, the big break came when she was roped in as partner by the doctor to help set up the Kinderland Preschool in Surabaya.

No doubt, completing and starting the preschool project was a major achievement for Tanny. But she knows it is merely the beginning of a long journey to bring quality preschool education to the children of Surabaya. Being an educator and having immersed herself in the Kinderland culture and curriculum for over 40 years, she knows what is required to be the best preschool around.

For example, you need a good curriculum. In this respect, she has full confidence in Kinderland’s curriculum which is well-researched, tested and honed in its 40 years as a leading provider of bi-lingual preschool education in Singapore and the region.

You need a safe and conducive environment for children to learn and play. Since opening its doors, the safe haven provided by the bungalow-converted preschool has not ceased to charm and reassure parents who sent their children to the school.

You need dedicated and well-trained teachers capable of helping children develop their potential to the fullest. The preschool is fortunate to have a wonderful team of committed teachers who offer the human touch so important to help children unlock their potential.

After nearly 7 years of operations, Tanny believes the time is ripe to plan for expansion. As she puts it: “The need for better and more quality education is growing in the country. We hope to leverage on the strong Kinderland brand and open more centres in the next few years.”

Kinderland Preschool in Surabaya

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