Bringing out the best of Kinderland through Music

Kinderland Preschool @ Caringin Children’s Music Programme (CMP) Virtual Concert

Kinderland Preschool @ Caringin held their virtual Children’s Music Programme (CMP) concert on 29 March 2022. The concert brings music into the hearts of our Kindergarten 1 and 2 students, allowing them to experience and discover the joy of listening to and making music together. This year’s theme, ‘I Love Disney’, featured characters, stories and songs that children love.

Our Versatile K1 Students playing Disney movie song ‘Lavender’s Blue’

The spirits of our young learners were high as they practised diligently at home for the concert, despite the Omicron outbreak. It was amazing witnessing parents and children bonding over the concert preparation and sharing many memorable moments as they actively participated.

Our Music teacher, Ms Nichol, did a fantastic job teaching the students to keep to the beat and sing in tune. She engaged them in various musical instruments such as keyboard and percussion. Her team enhanced the musical experience by using technology in the concert’s production. Besides teaching students online, technology was also creatively used to weave the students’ online and offline performances into a unique digital musical performance.

Children’s Music Programme is a part of Kinderland’s renowned music-infused curriculum. The programme reinforces brain development and provides a booster for children’s rapid brain growth in the first five years. Through instrumental music learning, children develop the part of the brain that controls visual-spatial skills, vital for learning maths and science. Musical learning also sharpens memory and improves verbal intelligence and literacy.

Our K1 students keeping to the beat of ‘Under the Sea’

The virtual CMP concert was a great success, allowing our children to experience musical learning and expand their musical talents. It helps to lay early musical foundations and nurture their interest in future musical learning.

Screenshots of ‘CIRCLE OF LIFE’ Digital Grand Finale performance by Our K1 & K2 Students