I chose Kinderland as the second place to educate my children after their home. I see my children’s development day by day, and Kinderland never fails to amaze me. I believe teachers are the main influence in shaping and building our kids. They are skillful in teaching and nurturing young children, have patience, kindness, gentleness yet firmness in their teaching. Importantly, they are loving and fun and have made my children grow into better persons with intelligence.

Kinderland has the ability to inculcate in children the confidence to perform and express themselves. Through many performances our children have learned to be brave before an audience.

These are only a few reasons among many others why I chose Kinderland. Kinderland fulfils all the criteria that we are looking for in our children’s early years education.

I trust Kinderland will nurture decent and bright students with good character, and I have three of them at home! Thank you Kinderland ❤❤❤

Mrs. Dewi Patrasari Adrian, Parent of Daka, Nata and Alesha – Kinderland Preschool @ Bonavista

My name is David Alonso. My wife Wulan and I have two children, Gabriel and Isabelle, aged 10 and 6. Both our children attended preschool at Kinderland from Baby class to Kindergarten 2.

My wife and I are very happy with Kinderland’s very high standards. The teachers are all very friendly and dedicated. The staff are also professional. The facilities are in excellent condition and very clean. In short, I highly recommend Kinderland to any parents wishing to enroll their children in a kindergarten school.

Mr. & Mrs. David Alonso, Parent of Gabriel and Isabelle – Kinderland Preschool @ Pondok Indah