As parents we all have a dream that one day our children will reach their full potential and proudly take their rightful place in society. As a young mother I realized the need for a school where my own son, together with other young children, would be given a head start in education; a school that would ‘excite’ them about learning, instill positive attitudes and encourage them to always do their best.

After many months of intensive research and studying various models all over the world, I found the right school and in 1994 Kinderland opened its doors to welcome the first students in Jakarta. Kinderland Pre-School and Kindergarten are International Pre-Schools from Singapore where East meets West. It incorporates a progressive, integrated curriculum and programme, embracing the essence of early childhood. Today there are 6 Kinderland Centres in Jakarta and over the years, we have ‘graduated’ many young talented and well¬rounded students. Our first pioneering students, our Kinderland alumni from 1994, started their university careers in 2008.

I am committed to education and together with my staff, we will continue to provide the learning experiences to motivate our children in becoming life¬long learners and achievers. My wish is to touch the hearts of all and for everyone to go, grow and glow with Kinderland.

Congratulations to them. Well done!

With blessings,
Founder-director Kinderland Jakarta