The KinderFit program in Kinderland is a specially designed health and fitness programme for preschool children. It incorporates fun age-appropriate physical activities and games to develop self-confidence, good eating habits, team spirit and positive attitude forwards a healthy lifestyle.

All sessions begin with warm up activities which involve active physical movements accompanied by music. The children enjoy the warm up, fun aerobics and move and learn sessions during KinderFit as there are a variety of songs and fun body actions.

Despite some challenges to incorporate some of the activities during home-based learning, our children continued to benefit from this rewarding programme through innovative methods.

Home-based learning opened up to fun and new creative ways for the teachers to convey the lessons, preserving the effectiveness and benefits of the programme.

Teachers and parents came together creatively to produce learning resources for the KinderFit activities. For example, teachers seek parents’ help to fill rice in plastic mineral water bottles so they can stand bowling pins.

One creative activity that is fun but also encourages recycling was to create a bowling alley for the children to exercise hand-eye coordination and motor skills. Plastic mineral water bottles were filled with rice to create bowling pins.

Masking tape or skipping ropes were used to create pathways for balancing activities. Parents helped with throw and catch activities using balls and balloons. Empty boxes were used as cones so children could dribble their ball around them. Our parents were supportive and many joined during the KinderFit sessions, from beginning to end, to partake in their child’s growth.

The KinderFit sessions always end with cooling down activities on slow calming music.

Our KinderFit curriculum is developed by physical education specialists to emphasize the holistic wellness in our children. The KinderFit programme is based on Rudolph Laban’s movement-based framework as well as celebrated American cardiovascular fitness programme Feelin’ Good, developed by Dr Charles T. Kuntzleman.