Dramatic Play is a type of play where children accept and assign roles, then act them out. Role play also helps children learn about their community, their surrounding environment and a variety of careers. Children use role play to explore their own thoughts and feelings. In enhances speaking and listening skills, fine and gross motor development, sharing, taking turns, and solving problems together. Dramatic play increases children’s understanding of the world they live in. Our new KIC curriculum emphasizes equal importance to dramatic play as to language and maths.

K2’s are learning about inventions. They enjoyed taking turns being the pilot, steward and passengers in the Garuda Indonesia airplane.

K1 children had camping activity in the soccer field. They enjoyed singing songs around the camp fire and roasting marshmellows.

Nursery children made useful home equipment as part of their parents child project. Jaziel enjoyed putting the clothes for wash in the washing machines and Zara was adept at sweeping the floor.

Pre-N children love playing in their home corner. They enjoy opening and shutting the door and windows and sleeping in the bed.

PG children got a chance to experience milking the cow with the model of a teacher made cow. They were so excited!