Summer Camps provide an enriching and joyful experience for young children, especially preschoolers. It provides them opportunities to explore outdoor with theme-based adventures, make new friends and create lifelong memories.

This year, Kinderland Jakarta offered a three-week Summer Camp from 12 till 30 June 2023 riding on the theme “Once Upon a Story…”. Various fun activities were conducted specially for children aged two to six years old such as finger painting, art and craft, cooking and fieldtrips. Through our cooking activities, our students developed an appreciation for cooking, nutrition, and teamwork. They even get to enjoy their tasty culinary adventures. For our budding artists, they explored their artistic talents and expressed themselves in a supportive and nurturing environment. For the adventurous ones, our fun field trips allowed our children to learn about their environment and surroundings.

Our exhilarating summer camp activities ignited the imagination of our students and kept them entertained throughout the summer holidays.

Children learned about the story behind the Giant Omelette Festival celebrated in Southern France, and got to experience how to make a Giant Omelette during the cooking activity.

Children made crafts related to the story “Animals Hide and Seek”.

To connect the story “A Thirsty Crow” with real life experience, teachers brought children to the Bird Park where they had the chance to feed birds and take photos with them.

Children expanded on the story of “The Gingerbread man” through picture colouring.

Teachers and children cooperated to act out the Javanese folktale Timun Mas
(English: “The Golden Cucumber”) into a play.