Traveling with young children needn’t be a hassle. On the contrary, it can be very rewarding and fun if you are properly prepared. Enjoyable trips are those which start with good organization and planning, so make sure you remember to e.g cancel the milk and newspaper delivery at home.

Before you set out on a trip, if the children are old enough, talk to them about what they expect to do and get them excited before they actually go. Here are some tips to making your travel as convenient as possible:

1. Do a research of your travel destination

So you can pack the right items for your trip. Carry appropriate clothes shoes, jacket, sun hats, sun block, mosquito repellent and particular things such as your usual baby formula/milk brand, if it is not available in your traveling destination. Unfamiliar meals will sometimes make children fussy about food but don’t worry, they will eat when they are hungry.

If you are traveling by air, the cabin pressure can dehydrate children quickly so make sure to give them enough liquid.If your child needs a milk bottle, carry at least one extra just in case one gets lost or breaks. It is always a good idea to have extra clothes for the journey in a hand carried bag and plastic bags for soiled/dirty clothes or shoes.

2. Be realistic

If it is your first trip, plan for a slower pace. Be realistic about what you can cover with feeding and sleeping schedules of your young ones. With little children, an upset to their meals and sleep schedules can make them unwell so carry generic medicines, thermometer, band aids, etc.

Moreover, remember that children have short attention span and feel fatigued quickly. Complicated itinerary, adult oriented attractions can make children become irritable. Try to have a realistic expectation about children’s idea of fun on a travel and balance the sightseeing and children’s fun. Also don’t timetable the trip too much. Be flexible and mindful to your children’s needs.

3. Keep your cool when traveling with babies and toddlers

During travel, don’t forget to bring toys and do small activities or they will get restless. If children are of school going age you can bring games, books, color pencils, music and do activities your children like to keep them busy.

Traveling with another family who has children too can help parents split responsibilities and help each other minding children, also help split the cost of a child attendant so parents can also have some time together. Supervised childcare is also provided in some hotels. Before planning a holiday, check with your hotel if they provide this service if you should need one.

Children like parents need passports and visas if you travel outside your own country.

And finally your updated travel insurance card.