Our Annual Preschool Concert ‘Magical Journey into The World of Animals’ was a resounding success as our little ones showcased their incredible talent and skills. It is an event that everyone looks forward to, as it celebrates our student’s growth and achievement.

The performance by Playgroup and Pre-nursery was entitled ‘Caterpillar Looks for a Shoe’. From cuddly spiders to playful rabbits and grasshoppers, our children took us on a magical journey into the world of insects. We embraced our student’s enthusiasm which made our concert so vibrant and alive with their beautiful costumes and performances.

Playgroup & Pre-Nursery students performing the “Grasshopper Dance” enthusiastically

Beautiful “Frog Dance” performed by Pre-Nursery students

Through the eyes of our Nursery students, we witnessed the joy of curiosity and the power of empathy. They developed a deeper connection to the animal kingdom through their performance ‘Panda and Giraffe – The Ice Cream Girl’.

The Nursery students happily performing the story “Panda and Giraffe – The Ice Gream Girl”

Lastly, our Kindergarten 1 and 2 performance entitled ‘The Three Little Pigs’ showcased our student’s language fluency and confidence on stage.

The Kindergarten 1 and 2 students showcased their skills and confidence in “The Three Little Pigs”

We also acknowledged our dearest class mothers from Pre-Nursery to Kindergarten 2 of the academic year. They were presented small token of appreciation for their dedication. Our affectionate teachers and nannies also received their Service Certificates of appreciation. We applaud all our teachers who worked closely with our students, creating fond memorable childhood experiences for all.

Appreciation of Class Mothers

Presentation of Service Certificate to our nannies and driver