Field trips are a vital part of any academic curriculum at any age. Field trips make learning enjoyable and valuable, providing children with opportunities to understand and experience concepts in a real-world context. These trips hold great pedagogic values, enabling young children to learn beyond the classroom.

Jumping out of remote learning, our Pre-Nursery to Kindergarten Two children finally set foot out of the school compound. For the first time in a long while, Kinderland Preschool @ Sunrise experienced real-life scenario from their school learning. Our students learned about the people around them, and different aspect of the community was introduced.

Our Pre-Nursery children visited a neighbourhood supermarket and met the storekeepers to understand what they do daily in providing fresh produce. Nursery students went shopping to learn the buying and selling at stores. Our Kindergarten Ones went to the post office to understand mail sorting, while the Kindergarten Twos went to the fire station to interview firefighters. Our children rode on the fire truck and pretended to put off the fire with a hosepipe.

The field trips have widened our children’s outlook on the people in the community. Through social interaction, they learn how to communicate better with one another. Our children have developed a deeper bond with one another, exchanging their learning comfortably.

Pre-Nursery to Farmers Market ‘I say please to the cashier’

Pre-Nursery to Farmers Market “Choosing snacks for Mummy and Daddy”

Nursery to Indomart “I know the difference between notes and coins”

Nursery to Indomart “Choosing favourite fruits”

K2 to Fire Station “Pretending to be a fireman”

K2 to Fire Station “A ride on the fire-truck”

K1 to Post Office “My letter is ready for dispatch”

K1 to Post Office “Choosing the stamps for the letter”