Our Book Week Event, held between 13 – 15 September 2022, was bursting with excitement! Children from playgroup to kindergarten were exceptionally excited and eager to meet their friends during these three days. Kinderland planned the event with the intention to trigger our children’s imagination and allow them to get into their favourite book character. The event activities enhanced our students’ language and literacy skills and stirred their creativity and imagination.

Our playgroup, pre-nursery and nursery students were happy to stride and pose for their friends in their favourite character costumes. Our nursery children were engaged with art and craft, followed by a show-and-tell, to reinforce their learning of their favourite character. The showcase boosted the child’s self-confidence.

Dramatised story-telling to bring the story to live

Special meet and greet session with Jellyfish

Book character parade

The all-awaited highlight of the event was the ‘Cozy with a book’ session. Our kindergarteners wore their most beloved pyjamas and snuggled up with their favourite toy for a story-telling session. Students paraded confidently in their costumes during the ‘Book Character Parade’, while impersonating the character from various storybooks.

Children engrossed with the story during ‘Cozy with a book’ session

Children get to pose with their favourite toy at ‘Cozy with a book’ session

The big costume showcase at Book Character Parade

The kindergarteners also made ‘Character Bags’ by creating a picture of their favourite character outside the bag. Words written on the bag described what the nature was on the inside. This activity helped them form a deeper understanding of the book character’s personality.

Book Character Bag by our K1 & K2 Students

Our Book Week Event has strengthened our children’s learning through activities such as Book Character Parade, Show-and-Tell, and Character Bag. The event has enhanced our children’s love for reading. Our Book Week was made possible with the support of our parents, who put in a lot of effort to prepare their children. The event witnessed immense effort was witnessed through the costume parade and character bag.