Our children dressed smartly to participate in this year’s virtual Hari Merdeka Celebrations

Indonesia’s Independence Day, locally known as ‘Hari Merdeka’ is a national day commemorating Indonesia’s Proclamation of Independence on the 17 of August 1945. On this day, celebratory ceremonies and festive events are held throughout the country, such as flag hoisting, local competitions and games, patriotic and cultural parades.

This year, Kinderland Preschools @ Jakarta celebrated this special day with children and parents through our special Virtual Independence Day Ceremony and Celebration.

Flag hoisting by teachers

Saluting the flag and singing the National Anthem

Our Kindergarten 2 students opened the day’s celebrations by reciting Indonesia’s Proclamation of Independence to commemorate the proclamation declared by President Sukarno. Each centre conducted an online flag hoisting ceremony by the teachers. Children and parents joined the ceremony virtually from home, and they stood up together to salute the flag and sing the National Anthem. The flag hoisting was followed by the reading of ‘Pancasila’, the five principles of the Indonesian state, by our Kindergarten 2 students.

Group Singing of National Day Songs

We closed the ceremony by singing national songs together. Even though we were unable to have an in-classroom ceremony, everyone still had a wonderful time. The children got to know the story of how Indonesia proclaimed its independence and learnt more about our National Anthem and some of our national songs.

We hope it will instill pride in our nation among the children and drive them to be contributing citizen in the future.

Kinderland parents and children playing traditional games

Our ceremony was followed by traditional games usually played during Independence day. Our parents and their children spent quality time together, playing games virtually with their classmates. Traditional games such as carrying marbles on spoon, transferring pompoms, putting a pencil into a bottle and the most anticipated game of eating crackers were played.

For some children, this was their first experience of celebrating Independence Day with the flag hoisting ceremony and playing traditional games. Play helps to nurture imagination and gives children a sense of adventure. Children also develop their language skills, social-emotional skills and creativity in the play process. To top it off, it was a fun and memorable day for everyone!