Ensuring that our students have an enriching learning experience and protecting their health are the two utmost important goals. At Kinderland Preschool @ Pakubuwono, we educate our children to adapt to the uncertainties of Covid-19.

Creating an Enriching and Safe Learning Experience at Our School

Our team has gone the extra mile to ensure the safety of our students when they come to school for face-to-face learning. Safety protocols are strictly implemented in school every day. Mandatory temperature checks are conducted daily and teachers ensure our children wear their masks and wash their hands before and after every activity. Classroom, furniture and toys are cleaned and sanitized daily. While in school, teachers ensure that children maintain safe distance at all times when attending both indoor classes and outdoor activities.

A child (left) taking a temperature check and (right) washing hands before entering the school

Beyond displaying reminder signs across the school, our teachers also took time to explain the signs and educate children about the importance of the safety protocols. This is to reinforce our children’s learning and understanding so that they build the habit in them to keep themselves safe. Lessons outdoors were conducted frequently to allow our children healthy exposure to natural sunlight, for the benefit of their health.

Teacher explaining Covid Prevention sign in class

A lesson, normally conducted in class, being conducted in the outdoor play area

Increasing the Effectiveness of Online Learning

We seek to understand the challenges that parents face with online learning. Measures were put in place to support our parents and enhance the effectiveness of the online learning during scheduled online lessons and school closures. To support home-based learning, teachers pre-packed learning packages (including online learning materials and stationery) so that our children have everything they need for their online lessons.

Prepacked Learning Packages for Home-Based Learning

Our teachers also communicate with parents regularly to offer ideas and advice on how to support their children’s learning and development at home. Every week, teachers conduct zoom meetings to keep parents informed on lesson learned for the week and upcoming lessons for the following week.

At Kinderland Preschool @Pakubowono, we always keep the interest and welfare of our children and parents at heart. We are committed and dedicated to provide the best education solutions for our preschooler’s and ensure their learning never stops.