Over the years, Kinderland Preschool has participated in various charity events for a wide range of different causes like flood victims, earthquake and fire victims.

Sorting donated items

While these events are supportive and beneficial for the families in need, these are also beneficial for our young children. Participating in events that supports the wider community assists children in actively understanding the role that they can play within it. In short it helps in developing kind and compassionate adults in the future.

Children choosing their favourite book for their friends.

Kindergarten One and Two teachers spoke to their classes during their online classes and explained the purpose of this activity. We were happy to see the overwhelming response from the students as well as their parents.

Happy children and volunteers of RPTRA

While students donated one toy each, parents generously donated stationeries, non-perishable food items and clothes.

All the donation was donated to Ruang Publik Terpadu Ramah Anak, Kedoya utara, a non-profit government institution which conducts activities and classes for underprivileged children from three to 17 years of age.

Thank You Kinderland Friend!

During the year end Christmas concert, we played the video of the underprivileged children receiving their gifts and thanking their secret Santas. Our students were so happy that they had shared their toys. “Giving is more rewarding than receiving” Bible, Acts 20:35 King James Version.