In recent years, Chinese is fast becoming an important spoken and written language globally as China’s influence on the world economy continues to grow. In Kinderland Preschools, we have observed an increase in parents who want to give their children a head start in learning Chinese as a second or third language.

Learning Chinese is made fun and exciting with multi-sensory experience for all children at Kinderland.  Our students learn through theme songs and rhymes, children’s literature, as well as hands-on activities spanning across different curricular subjects and themes.

Nursery children using visual tools to learn a Chinese poem in an interactive way

Children have different individual learning styles and needs. Various visual tools and educational materials are used in classes to engage them through different approaches and encourage learning.

K2 children using Chinese strokes to form the Chinese word 广

Besides cultivating the joy of learning Chinese in our children, curriculum development is also a key attribution to children’s learning. Kinderland’s Chinese Language Programme is developed with expertise and resources from our large China network, and affiliates including Beijing Normal University. The programme is benchmarked against the HSK International YCT Test, which sets the standards for Chinese proficiency worldwide. Kinderland’s Chinese curriculum synchronises with the English curriculum. Similar themed topics are taught in both languages to provide children with a more comprehensive learning structure.

K1 children doing their record sheet after learning the Chinese character 我.

In Singapore, parents have testified to the effectiveness of the Chinese programme in their young children. Parents can be assured that Kinderland’s Chinese Language Programme is a highly recommended choice for preschool-going children. Our Kinderland teachers are here to help our children become successful learners of the Chinese language!