Early learning, especially before age 3, is pivotal for children’s development, capitalizing on a critical window of brain plasticity. Kinderland’s Playgroup Programme is designed to optimize this period, offering toddlers and parents a range of enriching activities and experiences that foster children’s holistic development.

1. Songs and Movement: Kinderland Playgroup sessions always begin with lively songs and movement, encouraging toddlers to groove and move freely. Through music, children absorb vocabulary and imitate ways of communicating with others, fostering social interaction and language development.

Playgroup toddlers singing the “Hello” Song

2. Sensory Play: Toddlers naturally enjoy touching different objects and surfaces, and hearing sounds made from different materials. Tactile experiences during art and craft allow children to dip their hands in paint, doodle on different surfaces and handle art materials with different textures.

Exploring with paint during art & craft session

3. StoryTime Exploration: Special books are selected to help children learn new words as they enhance their understanding of the world. Stories with a focus on early numeracy concepts for example, such as cause and effect, help to ignite curiosity and cognitive growth.

Learning new words during StoryTime

4. Strength and Spatial Development: Outdoor activities are integral for physical development. Running and jumping promote motor skills, while sunlight exposure aids in vitamin D absorption, crucial for bone health and immunity.

Outdoor play is essential for children’s health and motor development

In essence, Kinderland’s Playgroup programme serves as a springboard for toddler’s lifelong learning. It provides meaningful and playful learning to develop toddlers into happy, healthy and intellectually curious children. These enriching experiences provide parents with the exposure and skills to extend their children’s learning beyond school into their homes and everyday life.