The long-awaited event of the year has finally arrived! Recently, parents and children from Kinderland Preschool @ Pulo Mas ventured out to Kuntum Farmfield and Sentul Outbound as part of an enriching outdoor learning experience.

Visit to Kuntum Farmfield

Our little adventurers from Playgroup, Pre-Nursery, and Nursery and their parents had an extraordinary time exploring Kuntum Farmfield, a farm nestled in the heart of Bogor, West Java.
Kuntum Farmfield was the perfect setting for our children to immerse themselves in the wonders of nature. Cows, horses, sheep, chicken, ducks and rabbits – our children fed and greeted a galore of farm animals up close.

The excitement continued as our curious learners stepped into a huge chicken coop. They learned about how the chicken farm used charcoal as an odour eliminator. Follow this the children participated hands on in the farm-to-table process – harvesting fresh eggs, cassava and sweet potatoes. The children then hand-painted shopping bags which were used to carry their freshly harvested produce home.

The next day the children discussed their farm experience with their teachers during class and relished the happy memories from the field trip.

Children learned to identify different farm animals and what they produced for the farmers to sell.

Children harvested fresh eggs and brought them home to enjoy.

Children worked as a team to harvest Cassava.

Outbound Adventures at Sentul Outbound

The day after the younger children visited the farm, our K1 and K2 students embarked on an exciting escapade to Sentul Outbound in Bogor. Located in beautiful natural surroundings Sentul Outbound offered a variety of outdoor activities for those seeking both adventure and team-building opportunities.

Upon arrival after a 45-minute bus journey, the children donned their safety gear and launched into the various physical challenges. Under serene backdrop of tall trees and the symphony of chirping crickets, the challenging obstacle course of Sentul outbound awaited them.

First up was a test of balance, the children balanced their way through a bridge of swinging logs and a plank bridge with the guidance of teachers and Sentul Outbound staff. Next was a test of grit and determination where the children went on all fours to scale a wall of netted rope. The ultimate challenge was the flying fox. The children faced their fear of heights as they climbed up a 15-metre-tall tower and then mustered their courage to glide down from the top to the ground.

Overall the field trip was a success. For many children this was their first outdoor adventure – first time to ride on a big bus, first time having lunch outdoors with their friends and first time experiencing the joy of an outdoor adventure.

Children practicing their physical balancing skills on the swinging log bridge

Our children having fun crawling under a net