“If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician. I often think in music, I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music.” – Albert Einstein

At Kinderland Jakarta, we place great emphasis on exposing our children to a variety of performing arts activities because the performing arts is crucial in the comprehensive development of young minds in early education.

Kinderland students dancing to the tune of “The Mexican Hat Dance”.

Sharpening Communication and Cognitive Skills through Drama  

Engaging in drama offers many developmental advantages for children. Children have to strengthen their vocal projection, improve their articulation and control their tone of voice in order to deliver their speech effectively on stage.

In addition, the children have to learn their lines, observe cues and pay attention to timings. The process of memorization and rehearsal engages children’s memory, concentration, and observations skills simultaneously.

Learning by enacting stories through drama

Developing Social-Emotional Skills through Teamwork

Social-emotional skills is another major area that children develop through performing arts.

At the individual level, school productions provide a unique platform for children to explore different roles, fostering empathy as they relate to various situations, people, and emotions.

At the interpersonal level, performing arts exposes children to the dynamics of teamwork and requires them to practice two-way interactions, forming relationships and working with different individuals.

All-in-one. Dancing, teamwork and having fun!

Holistic Development through Performance Arts

Performing arts is an invaluable learning platform because it excites our children through meaningful play and unlocks their creative talents and potential in the process.

Kinderland teachers and parents often observe our children’s self-confidence and self-assurance grow naturally as they progress through the years and gain experience in performing on stage. The children’s impressive strides in communication skills and cognitive abilities are especially noticeable at Kinderland’s annual year-end concerts.

Kinderland students confidently presenting their green costumes made from recycled materials.

The benefits of performing arts extend far beyond the stage and lay a strong foundation for success in our children for their future lives academically, socially and professionally.

This is why Kinderland Jakarta incorporates performing arts into our preschool education year-round, and the team will never stop nurturing the artistic spirit in our young minds!