On 25th October 2016, we celebrated UN Day in a slightly different manner. We decided to campaign about the importance of water to our young learners in Kinderland Sunrise Garden.

It was a great springboard for our preschoolers in cultural geography. Students from PreN- K2 participated in activities that develop an understanding of the various aspects of water. Students were introduced to the importance of clean water for people around the world.

There were activities that prompted discussion about the importance of water in our daily lives, then further discussions were held about the importance of clean, healthy water. Teachers extended the concept to raise awareness of saving water among preschoolers through some fun activities like fashion show on the theme of water. Students went around from one station to another doing various activities like experiments with water, fun water games, watching movie about purifying water and making arts and craft with recycled water bottles. Our helpful class mums supported us in a big way during this campaign by organizing cooking demo in each class with water as the main ingredient.