24 October has been celebrated as United Nations Day since 1948. This year, Kinderland Pulomas celebrated not just a day but a week full of joy through series of different performances. Children got the chance to learn about different countries, languages, music, costumes and cultures.

Pre Nursery children had a wonderful time exploring Africa through dancing and Nursery children enjoyed exploring European cultures. Our K1 children got the chance to perform a wonderful drama explaining the history of America and Australia. It was truly a fun, exciting and full of knowledge day. Not to forget our K2 children who shared the history of different countries in Asia including their costumes, languages and cultures and also dances. Children also had a great time learning a part of the traditional history from Indonesia. Pulomas teachers had a great drama performance. To close the event, all K2 children walked on staged for a fashion show to showcase different costumes from Asia.

All children, teachers and also parents really enjoyed the week. Our lovely classmums from each class joined force to do cooking demo for the children. It was not only regular food but also food from around the world. We had yummy burger, satay, noodle, pasta and much more. It was truly mesmerising to see children perform so well and confidently. We surely can’t wait for another event.