Kinderland Pakubuwono had a fantastic start to the academic year of 2016/2017. The children seem to make great adjustment to the school’s rules and routines. It is a pleasure to see them coming to school with a great smile on their face. The children have been showing excitement in getting involved in various activities that their teachers have planned. The themes for this semester allow the children to learn about people and themselves and also about things around them, namely rooms in houses, home equipment, simple machines as well as inventions.

We have indeed had a fun semester. We started this year with our Lebaran Celebration. The children performed before their parents; dancing to Eid songs. The second event was Independence Day celebration in which the children and their parents were involved in games and races, namely eating kerupuk, tug of war. The K-2 Caring children took the role as the flag raisers. The third event was our field trip to the Insect and Fresh Water Museum in Taman Mini Indonesia Indah. The children learnt about types of insects as well as the types of fish that come in various sizes. They were amazed when they saw the gigantic Arapaima fish gulping the small fish in a matter of seconds. The fourth event that we had was UN Day celebration. The children and the parents came in their traditional costumes. As the highlight of the event, we had a costume contest in which parents and their child dressed in traditional costumes. The next event will be Christmas. The theme is “Winter Wonderland”. Kinderland Pakubuwono community will share the spirit of loving and sharing by collecting donations from parents to be given to an orphanage. The fun, authentic and meaningful learning will surely continue in Kinderland Pakubuwono.