inderland Muara Karang had “UN Day Celebration” on 24th October 2016. Our PN to K2 students joined the celebration. All of the students and teachers from PN to K2 classes were assigned to put on different costumes from different countries. PN students were dressed in the costume from Korea, Nursery students from 2 classes put on the costume from Indonesia and China, K1 students from 2 classes represented USA and Japan and K2 students wore the costume from India. Most of the parents also contributed food from different countries during this celebration. All the students had their passport made by their teachers and they had to show it and get the stamp when they visited each of the different classes to taste the food and to know more about the country. The students had so much fun in celebrating UN Day. The students felt very proud, showed the passport to their parents when they were being picked up and shared the stories about their UN Day celebration.