Kinderland provides a safe, conducive and stimulating environment to encourage children to explore their surroundings with confidence. There are a variety of spaces; classrooms, library/video room, computer room, music room, assembly hall, gymnastics/dance hall, indoor play area, water and sand play area, playground and cycling track. Our spaces allow children to develop their main five domains of development; physical, cognitive, language, social and emotional development.

In the Classrooms, the ‘holistic’ child development is nurtured with the support of 6 distinctive classroom learning areas. The integration of themes is reflected in each learning centre, providing a learning environment integral to the activities and experiences for a given theme.

  • The Large Group area allows for the teaching of concepts and skills
  • In the Language and Literacy area, listening, speaking, reading and writing skills are promoted.
  • The Logical-Thinking area develops children’s mathematical, science and logical-thinking skills through hands-on activities.
  • The Creative Expression area helps to enhance children’s creativity in the arts and music.
  • Pro-social skills are promoted through Dramatic Play.
  • Discovery Corner allows the children to discover and know more about the world they live in.