Parents’ Testimonials

What happy parents say about Kinderland Preschool Surabaya

My husband and I have been very happy with the experience we have had at Kinderland Preschool. Our kids, Dominic (age 5, level – K2), and Mia (age 3, level – Nursery) have been attending Kinderland since they were 2 years old. We were looking for bilingual pre-school with international curriculum, preferably Singaporean-education-based, as we are planning to enroll our children later on to a Singaporean-based school. Thus, Kinderland is a perfect choice for us!

The teachers and staff have been so warm and kind to our family. Both of our kids’ teachers are loving and beyond attentive to their individual needs. The curriculum is challenging yet enjoyable, preparing our kids well for the next level of education. Kinderland also provides a wide array of additional activities to compliment its core curriculum, from regular swimming, plenty of outdoor play opportunities, field trips, art, music, etc.

My kids also have plenty of opportunities for performances and plays, fostering social growth and confidence.

I highly recommend Kinderland preschool to any parent who would like their children to get a well rounded early education experience, and becoming an independent, confident learner.

Ibu Dina , Children: Dominic (K2) and Mia (N)

My son, Caleb, has been attending Kinderland Pre-School since he was three years old (Nursery class). Over the past three years, he has shown deep interests in language, arts, and music. The teachers in Kinderland are friendly, caring, and passionate. The classes are made interactive, thus make learning more enjoyable for the students. The children are not only taught academic skills but they are also taught important values in life like manners and respect. Kinderland provides solid foundation for my son and I believe the lessons learned will be helpful for his future studies. I highly recommend Kinderland Pre-School to parents who wish to send their children to the best early childhood education in Surabaya. Last but not least, I would like to say thank you to Ms Melba and all the teachers who are so dedicated, patient, and supportive to Caleb all these years. I am pretty sure his wonderful learning experiences in Kinderland will be a memorable one.

Marisca Hidayat , Child: Caleb

I can see lots of improvements since my daughter moved to Kinderland Preschool. She has improved a lot in her personality and communication skills. My daughter is happy studying at Kinderland. The staff and teachers here are very helpful, enthusiastic and friendly. I appreciate the encouragement, care and observation given by the teachers, and also for the opportunity given to my daughter to perform. Thanks Kinderland for all the guidance that have given to my daughter to become more confident and comfortable learning that I think is the most important thing.

Shenyin , Chevilia’s Mum

Our three children go to Kinderland Preschool Surabaya! I find that the teachers here truly care for the children. It’s more like a big family rather than just a mere teacher-student relation. The children are instilled with values like sharing, feeling of gratitude, and a sense of responsibility. Our older children, since they joined Kinderland, have done lots of story-telling, singing, dancing and acting in school. Our second child who was afraid of strangers and cried a lot during the first few weeks of school is now an expressive and talented dancer, and enjoys performing on stage. English is the primary medium of instruction used here throughout, not only as a subject. I feel that this is an effective way to get the kids to speak in English. I highly recommend Kinderland to parents who are seeking a good homely environment to nurture their kids.

Deslies, Children: Samantha (K2), Maximus (K1) and Lancelot (PN)

Our daughter, Viola, has become more independent since she started studying in Kinderland Preschool. She has learnt how to communicate and interact with her peers. She loves going to school as she has made a lot of friends.

Mrs Steffy Wong

As with most parents, trusting your child’s well-being to someone else is a very difficult thing to do, but the teachers and the environment at Kinderland Preschool made us rest assured that our child is being well taken care of.
My son, Lionel, absolutely enjoys at Kinderland and looks forward to going to school each day.

Ibu Febrina

I have an active kid. She likes to sing, dance and do a lot of other activities. Kinderland method is for children to experience the joy of learning, engage in challenging activities and enjoy playing with their peers. It is suitable for Megan. I can see that her English is improving. She has begun speaking English at home. She also can sing many English and Mandarin songs now.

Ibu Stephanie Tjahyono