“Here in my community are so many things we can be,
And I know they will always be there for me to help my community!”

Our Kindergarten Two (K2) children enjoyed singing the community helper theme song that they recently learned during class.

In Term One, our children were introduced to different occupations in the community such as medical workers, emergency workers, soldiers, and police officers. In line with the theme, Kinderland Preschool @ Bona Vista teachers organised a field trip to the Air Police Hangar in Pondok Cabe, South Jakarta, to give the children a more exciting and meaningful learning experience.

K2 children looking excited and amazed by the impressive Air Police Hanger

During the visit to the Air Police Hangar, the children got to observe up close the interesting vehicles and equipment that air police officers use to carry out their jobs, such as the air police helicopters and airplanes.

Sitting in the helicopter cockpit

Riding in a Police Helicopter with a Police Officer

As the children toured the headquarters, the lesson on community helpers came alive for the children when they met the actual community helpers that they had been singing about in the theme song!

Through interacting with the air police officers, our children gained a better understanding of the duties and responsibilities of air police officers and their role as “protecting hands” of the community.

It was truly an awesome and memorable experience for all the K2 children!

Teachers and children posing and giving their best smiles
for a group photo with the police helicopter.

Salute to our Air Police Officers! Thank you for your services.