Kinderland Sunrise Garden had a unique and memorable celebration of Indonesia’s Independence Day this year. Sports day was held in conjunction with Hari Merdeka celebrations at Wang Residence premises in West Jakarta.

The central theme of this year’s Sports Day was “Teamwork and Friendship.” Every game and activity, whether involving students, parents, or staff, centred around teamwork and collaboration.

Kindergarten 2 student reciting Pancasila with confidence

The morning started with a dignified flag hoisting ceremony and Pancasila recital by our kindergarten two students. Loads of fun and games for the children and parents followed. Our preschoolers enthusiastically participated in traditional Indonesian games such as tug of war, kerupuk eating, and sarong race. Our creative mothers from various classes infused an artistic touch to the festivities by showcasing their talents at decorating the traditional ‘Nasi Tumpeng’.

Our children in action during the Sarong Race

Kinderland mothers – Winners of the Nasi Tumpeng Decorating Contest

Sports Day served as an opportunity for our children to learn about the essence of teamwork. It provided a nurturing setting for them to learn how to give their best, compete as part of a team, revel in shared enjoyment, and experience the meaning of camaraderie.

The event not only celebrated Indonesia’s independence but also instilled vital life lessons. By embodying the spirit of togetherness and mutual support at Sports Day, everyone exemplified the true essence of being a champion!

Group photo of Kinderland staff with our Kinderland Nursery champions!