Digital technology has become a part of present-day children’s daily experience. When children reach kindergarten age, most would have countless encounters with various digital communication and technological interaction. For young children to be literate, especially in the new normal situation, educators should develop a range of digital skills and knowledge for children. Increased digital forms of reading and writing into everyday life are now a crucial literacy development for kindergarten children.

Our teacher conducting weekly virtual class for our student.

Kinderland has been a leading early childhood education provider in the region. Writing to Read (WTR) is a unique I.T. programme exclusive to Kinderland, a computer-aided creative writing software built for young learners. Developed by American educator Dr. John Henry Martin, this programme focuses on comprehension and composition, especially for young children who are non-native English speakers. It engages children to learn to write even before reading, boosting their confidence to learn new words. Through the years, Kinderland children have developed strong literacy capability through the WTR programme.

Our child is able to spell new words confidently with the help of WTR programme.

Children also developed independence in learning and the ability to write short stories to express themselves. This added advantage helps develop children’s confidence socially and emotionally.

A guided virtual class with teacher helping our children through the WTR programme.