To ensure consistency and quality in Kinderland’s Move with Music programme, Kinderland Jakarta’s teachers underwent a refresher and training course during April’s professional development training. Music Specialist Ms Elvia Husein, from Singapore, shared the importance of music in young children’s language and literacy development.

Ms Elvia Husien, Kinderland Music Specialist, introducing the various instrument that are used in class.

The session covered all level of Kinderland’s music curriculum, from Pre-Nursery to Kindergarten Two. Our teachers took the opportunity to share personal experiences in teaching concepts such as ‘Start and Stop’, ‘Sound and Silence’ and many others within the curriculum. The exchanges allowed our teachers to explore new ideas in delivering the lessons.

Ms Elvia explaining the various types of sound that can be made with different instruments.

These concepts essentially encourage children to express themselves through songs, rhymes recitation, rhythmic movement and ensemble playing. Teachers were trained how to adjust their music lessons for virtual delivery. They were encouraged to relook at home resources, turning them into ‘home’ percussion instrument during ensemble playing, motivating children to expand their boundless creativity.

The rhythmic movement was the highlight of the day, where everyone moved and swayed to folk dances from around the world. What a rewarding day for our teachers as they congregate over Music, the DNA of Kinderland integrated curriculum!

Our teachers listening in attentively to the zoom training.

Kinderland Jakarta is now ever more ready to bring enhanced learning for our children.