Kindergarten Two (K2) students learned to set goals, engage their creativity in problem-solving, and practice financial literacy on Entrepreneur Day at Kinderland Preschool @ Pulomas. This unique activity was specially organized by the Principal and teachers for the K2 children.

Kinderland Preschool @ Pulomas K2 Entrepreneur Day.

Our K2 children were divided into four groups with dedicated teacher mentor assigned to each group to help them set up their business. Children came together to brainstorm on what type of business they wanted to start. Each child was given a chance to share their thoughts on the type of business and goals they wanted to achieve. The children then worked together as a team to decide on the agreed business, production process, brand, and pricing.

The Rainbow Team explaining how they brainstormed ideas and decided on the
type of business they would do.

The next step of the process was for the children to fabricate their products for sale. One group decided to make and sell shopping bags. Their goal was to reduce the use of plastic bags. Each bag was personalized with a special drawing from a group member. Another group concurred to sell ‘piggy banks’ to teach the children how to save money. The third group decided to sell T-shirts with special drawings designed by each member of the group, while the fourth group sold their favorite ‘cake pops’ with different flavours because they believed that everyone loves to eat chocolate.

When they were ready, the children presented their ideas and marketed their products to the parents who were their target audience and customers.

Describing the process of making the shopping bags.

At the end of the activity, the children were very happy and proud with their results. All the products were sold and the children were able to share and enjoy the income they earned from their business. Parents were also delighted to see their children presenting their projects confidently.

Marketing their “Cake Pops” to potential customers.

Mission accomplished: All products were sold!